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Colour is the first thing people notice and can affect the way they feel about a space. This not only influences how you spend time in your home, but can dramatically impact the price you receive when you sell.

Refreshing the colours of your home with the right chroma, tone and balance will bring the space to life and help you sell your property for its maximum value.

Colour can also be used to divert the eye away from unattractive aspects of the property, to save you from major renovations.

Your property colour consultation may include:

  • A site inspection of your home and comprehensive discussion on your lifestyle and personality
  • A specification sheet with colour codes for walls, skirting boards, ceilings and other areas of your home
  • Colour recommendations for carpets and flooring, blinds, benchtops and artwork if requested
  • A4 or A5 samples of each colour, so you can pin it to the wall and see how the room will look before you start painting
  • Portable colour swatches of each colour, which you can take shopping for furniture or accessories
  • A concept or mood board to show you how it will all look once complete
  • A folder to store your moments of inspiration and keep everything in the one place.

You can take the specification sheet to your local paint shop, or hand it to your painter who will be able to source the recommended colours for you. We don’t have a financial agreement with any one paint company, which means we can choose the best brands and colours for your project.

Let us know if you need recommendations for interior designers and painters, or would like us to source accessories, furniture and finishes for your home. We can also manage all aspects of your project on your behalf, including coordinating builders, painters, tradespeople and real estate agents.

Commercial Services

Colour Style Design works with a number of strata management companies to provide advice on colour schemes for commercial offices and residential apartment buildings.

The right colours can entice investors to a development, increase rental returns and enhance staff productivity. It’s an affordable way to add value to a property and complement the surrounding environment.

We can also suggest flooring, accessories and furniture for communal areas and finishes for external areas. Following our consultation, you will receive a report with our suggested colour palettes, which can be presented to the property owners for approval if required.


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