What is a colour designer?

Colour designers work with individuals and businesses, using colour to enhance their mood, appearance, productivity and well-being

The importance of colour

Colour is one of the most natural and powerful tools to influence mood, emotions and behaviour. It can make us feel calm and relaxed, excitable and energised, or even make us spend more.

You probably recall learning about colour as a child, as you mixed paint colours together to create new hues. That’s where most people’s education about colour ends. Our qualified colour designers combine their design experience with the latest insights in trends, colour theory and psychology, to help you choose the right colour palette for your project.

Our colour designers never look at one colour in isolation. It’s the unique combination of environment, furnishing, functionality and personality that brings out the best in each colour and makes that specific hue just right for you.

Our colour services

We offer colour consultations in the areas of property design, corporate branding and personal styling, as well as regular colour design workshops and keynote presentations tailored to your needs.

Our advice takes the guess work out of choosing a colour scheme, whether it’s for your wardrobe, your property or your brand. You’ll understand the power of colour in all facets of your life and avoid costly mistakes such as repainting over a colour that isn’t suited to your home or taste.

We don’t have a financial agreement with any one paint company, which allows us to choose the best brands and colours for your project.

Ready to start?

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